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Criminal Matters

The Ward Forensic Group will render a written opinion after a review of the case based upon:


• Independent examination and evaluation of crime scene case  evidence from the disclosure of forensic investigator evidence. This  includes examination of the forensic officer’s notes and  photographs.

• Independent examination and evaluation of forensic evidence  presented at trial. This includes evaluation of crime scene examination methodology and officer’s testimony and notes.

• Company president Brian Ward is designated by a Government of Canada Order-in-Council as a  Fingerprint Examiner, we will evaluate finger and palm print  identification evidence. We are also court qualified as a footprint examiner.

• Interpret whether the proper procedures of chain of custody have  been followed (continuity of evidence, protection of fragile evidence, officer protection in DNA cases).

• Provide an assessment of the actual crime scene if it is available.

• Through our partner DNA lab, provide an independent opinion of DNA evidence as presented at trial. The lab is accredited to evaluate and testify.

Civil Matters


Ward Forensic Associates are able to utilize the services of an accredited DNA lab to assist in:


• Paternity disputes

• Independent evaluation of DNA evidence presented at a court of law

• Immigration matters (DNA testing)

• Ward Forensic Associates utilizes the services of a Standards Council of Canada accredited DNA laboratory.


Corporate Security

At the request of the client, we will provide an identity package for senior management or employees who may require international travel.


This consists of fingerprints, DNA and related personal information including appropriate photographs, medical information and other facts that may be requested by the client.


Our partner DNA laboratory is capable of profiling and storing samples in a secure database that is quickly accessible at any time.


We are able to provide forensic services in collecting and analyzing physical evidence of criminal activity occurring within the client’s operations.


Private Investigators

Working with investigators to provide insight into forensic investigations and the types of evidence that may be invaluable to their cases.


This includes personal collection, or direction to investigators on the collection of physical evidence suitable for forensic examination.


Ward Forensic Associates will process this evidence for the presence of fingerprints, footwear impressions and DNA as required.


Computer forensic services are available on request.

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