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Ward Forensic Associates is a Toronto-based consulting company providing experienced and highly competent forensic identification services for the legal profession private investigators, and corporate security.


We also offer consultation for television and movie production as well as news outlets.


We perform an evaluation of criminal forensics investigations, and ensure proper chain of custody procedures have been followed. Our DNA lab will independently evaluate DNA evidence presented to the courts. We provide DNA profiling for paternity disputes and immigration matters. Our staff provides complete crime scene photography and evidence processing for private investigators. We provide an executive identification package based on a DNA profile, fingerprints and information pertinent to our clients.


Brian Ward is a retired Detective Sergeant having served 32 ½ years with Toronto Police.


Twenty of those years were spent in the Forensic Identification Service where Brian rose through the ranks and received several awards for his contributions to the Service and forensic science.


He has testified at all levels of court about forensic evidence and granted expert witness status at the request of the Crown Attorney.


Brian’s case involvement includes being a member of the four-officer forensic team investigating Paul Bernardo’s home, a number of homicides, sexual assaults and break and enter cases.


He was instrumental with implementing the highly successful City of Toronto taxicab in-car camera project as well as working with the RCMP to implement the National DNA Databank.


Brian has published two books for Carswell Thomson Reuters:

  “Crime Scene Investigation; Theory, Practice and Law” and

  “Security Professionals; a Guide for Emergency Situations”


A third book called “Uncrossing the Wires. A Guide to Effective Media and Emergency Services Communications”, is due to be released shortly.

Brian leaving Paul Bernardo’s House, February 1993.

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